Imagine your guests being greeted by one of our interactive models, servers, living tables or characters. Create a unique experience. Customizable and always a blast!


Where your server is a work of art! Your guests will always remember their experience, enjoying a cocktail, hors d'oeuvres or party favors from our charming and dazzling living tables.  Always the center of attention!  Different footprints and themes available.




Our beautiful "Champagne Skirts" are works of wearable art that carry 50-90 wine glasses. Customizable characters can be stationary or roaming and are sure to steal the show!



Symmetry's characters blur the lines between fantasy and reality.  We take this silliness seriously with endless possibilities of costumes, performance, and the story you want to tell.  Everything from mermaids to belly dancing gypsies and even the occasional mad scientist!  Let us bring an unforgettable element to your next event

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