Symmetry is a team of creative performers coming together to bring fanasy, humor and fun to professional and private celebrations, special occasions, fundraisers, and  corporate  events. Symmetry's Mission is to bring an unforgettable element of entertainment to every event in a unique and professional way.   Symmetry is dedicated to bringing the magic of performance to every day life.


Owner and founder Krysta Hodson, has been creating costumes, characters and performance pieces for over 15 years. Her passion for the arts has drawn her to find as many ways as possible to ignite the same excitement in other people. Her list of community performance projects varies from co-producer and creative director of Sonoma County’s Circus Maximus, co-creator of Rouge Dance Company, co-creator of Ser la Muse Art Affair and now, owner of Symmetry Performing Arts. Her vision is to connect people in our community with her team of high caliber artists, elevating every event to it’s fullest potential.

Sebastopol, CA
707-206-2638  |  k@symmetryperformingart.com

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